Cluster Challenge

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Please visit us at the Car Hacking Village at CypherCon March 30-31st to do the Cluster Challenge!

Ford Focus 2010 Instrument Cluster PDF


Connect Wires

  1. HS CAN L (a.k.a. I CAN H)
  2. HS CAN H (a.k.a. I CAN H)
  3. MS CAN L
  4. MS CAN H
  5. V Batt
  6. Ground
  7. Run/Start

If using ValueCAN, you will need the following:

  1. Kernel Module:
    • Note: if using Ubuntu, please perform a “sudo chmod 777 .” on this directory before “make”
  2. ValueCAN API:
  3. SocketCAN Daemon:

Install SocketCAN

Read CAN Bus Data

  • Using SocketCAN read data using cansniffer (Hint: use the ‘-t 0’ option)

Send CAN Bus Requests

  • Using SocketCAN send messages using cansend

Find the following Data (email responses to

Find Answer
Diagnostic Address  A:
Engine Speed Message ID  A:
Engine Speed Signal Location  A:
Engine Speed Signal Scaling  A:
Vehicle Speed Message ID  A:
Vehicle Speed Signal Location  A:
Vehicle Speed Signal Scaling  A:
Coolant Temperature Message ID  A:
Coolant Temperature Signal Location  A:
Coolant Temperature Signal Scaling  A:
Check Engine Light (MIL) Message ID  A:
Check Engine Light (MIL) Location  A:
Air Bag Light Message ID  A:
Air Bag Light Location  A:
Park Brake Light Message ID  A:
Park Brake Light Location  A:
TPMS Light Message ID  A:
TPMS Light Location  A:
ABS Light Message ID  A:
ABS Light Location  A:

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