Learn to CanBusHack: Defcon 19 Workshop (Update)

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This year’s Defcon will host yours truely.  I will be giving a workshop on CAN BUS Hacking.  So if you have some time come out and join us at Defcon August 4~7 @ the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

Please check out www.defcon.org for more information about what days the workshops will be held.

Here is a preliminary example of what will be:

* Introduction
* What is Vehicle Network Communications (Demo)
* Compare Vehicle Comms vs. Ethernet
* Compare Vehicle Comms vs. TCP/IP
* Types of Vehicle Network Physical Layers
* J1850 PWM/VPW
* LIN/ISO 9141
* CAN Bus
* Devices Used to Connect to CAN BUS
* Arduino (Demo)
* neoVI/ValueCAN (Demo)
* Generic ELM Tool
* DW CAN Bus Physical Network (Wires and Resistive Properties)
* CAN BUS Data Frame
* IPC or other Controller (Demo)
* Understanding the data on the Bus: Diagnostic Message vs. Normal Messages
* Reverse Engineering Normal Messages (Demo)
* Diagnostic Protocols
* ISO 14239
* ISO 14229
* Commanding the Vehicle Controllers using CAN BUS
* Understanding Security Systems
* Controller Security Access (Possible Demo)
* Immobilizers (Possible Demo)
* Q&A
* The autoAPIa Project



Workshops schedule has been released go to https://www.defcon.org/html/defcon-19/dc-19-workshops.html#Leale for more information about the workshops.  The cost is $200 (Cash only) and it will take place starting at 10:00 AM on Friday, August 5th.  I am not sure yet if it is first-come-first-serve or not.  I will update when I find out.



Thank everyone for coming out to the DefCon workshop, had many more people that I thought could make it.  It was a wonderful success.  As promissed here are the links for the workshop’s powerpoint:  http://www.carhackingvillage.com/defcon19/workshop.pptx

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