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Car Hacking Village 2017 Badge Pre-Sale (Reservation)


Def Con 25 – Car Hacking Village Badge Reservation!

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After last year’s overwhelming success of our Car Hacking Village Badge, we’re trying something new this year. We will pre-sale (reserve) the Def Con 25 Car Hacking Village Badges.


This will help us and you in two ways.  One, it will help us offset the enormous cost of building so many badges. Two, it will allow you to not have to cue up right when the village opens.


We will offer a limited number of reservations, a bulk of the badges will be sold as in the past on a first-come, first-serve basis.  But this way you can reserve your badge early.


Pre-order is more expensive, sorry.  Why: credit card processing fees and support of the orders.  If you want to wait until Def Con the cost will be less ($50 Cash, $55 Credit).


***** IMPORTANT!!!! ******

You MUST pick up your badge at the Car Hacking Village at Def Con 25 in Las Vegas, NV between July 28th and July 30th during CHV open hours.  We will NOT ship the badges. If you cannot make it, that’s good for us and bad for you. So please don’t buy this if you’re not sure you will be at Def Con.



Please make sure your email is correct.  That is how we will send you a voucher to pick up you badge!  KEEP THE VOUCHER SAFE! If you share it someone will steal it, so keep it safe.



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    So Badge! Wow! Many OBDIIs.

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