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    • 4 Dual Wire CAN
    • 2 LIN / KLINE / ISO9141
    • 10/100 Ethernet
    • 4 Configurable MISC Inputs 0-36V, PWM I/O, Digital I/O, including 1 Analog Input

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    • Stand-alone data logger
    • Remote data logger with auto-upload via WIFI, 3G/4G (optional), or Ethernet
    • Stand-alone ECU or vehicle simulator
    • In-vehicle data acquisition system
    • Captive test fleet data collection
    • Fleet management

    VehicleScape DAQ

    Using VehicleScape DAQ inside the Vehicle Spy software provides a single GUI for loading vehicle databases such as A2L, ODX, MDX, GDX, DBC, AUTOSAR XML, and others. Once the vehicle databases are loaded, simply search by signal names, PIDs/DIDs/LIDs, measurements and parameters and select those you wish to acquire. Click on the Stand-Alone Logger tab to configure such things as pre/post trigger events, sleep modes, file names for your data files, remote upload options and much more.

    Send Scripts and Manage Data Remotely via Wireless neoVI

    You can remotely send a data logger configuration or script from Vehicle Spy to your ValueCAN.rf through Wireless neoVI. Wireless neoVI is a website that provides fleet and data management to a fleet of vehicles. You can get the latest GPS location, automatic data downloads, and automatic export of data in the format you require.

    Remote Connectivity and Optional GPS Location

    The ValueCAN.rf provides several ways of connecting remotely:

    • Internal 3G/4G Data Modem (optional)
    • WIFI/Hotspot
    • Ethernet (for connection to external 3G/4G modem or wired network)

    All of these allow for data download and remote fleet management. In addition, the ValueCAN.rf has an optional 5 HZ GPS accurate to within 3 meters. GPS is provided both as a fleet management tool and within the data logging session for correlating location to your test data.


    The Power of Scripting – Function Blocks

    If you need to support a proprietary protocol, setup a simulation to run in parallel with the data logger, or any other custom action, the system offers a scripting environment for you to expand the base functionality to fit your unique needs. This makes the entire system very flexible and adaptable.


    Logging While Downloading from Massive On-Board Memory

    Data is uploaded without interrupting or slowing down your data acquisition. The ValueCAN.rf has a microSD Card slot which enables you to capture on the order of hundreds of billions of messages! If you are automatically uploading data, this may not seem important. However, if you are in an area with no coverage or you have a network outage, you won’t have to worry about losing data.


    Sleep Mode Option

    The ValueCAN.rf also provides sleep management. Several options are available:

    • Upload all data since last power-on before sleep
    • Upload all pending data before sleep
    • Upload pending data when network signal returns
    • Sleep Mode current draw to 30 mA
    Pin Description
    1 CAN1 High
    2 CAN1 Low
    3 CAN2 High
    4 CAN2 Low
    5 CAN3 High
    6 CAN3 Low
    7 CAN4 High
    8 CAN4 Low
    9 LIN 1
    10 GND
    11 NC
    12 NC
    13 LIN 2
    14 NC
    15 V+


    Pin Description
    1 MISC DIO 1
    2 MISC DIO 2
    3 MISC DIO  3
    4 MISC DIO 4
    5 GND
    6 NC

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