The Story of CanBusHack

Our goal is simple: to Hack everything!

"CanBusHack, Inc., established in 2010, is a reverse engineering services corporation specializing in automotive embedded controller software and communication understanding.

As a small team of electronic, software, and communication specialists, we aim to understand how individual embedded systems operate and communicate.

With our knowledge of embedded software and automotive communication, we will provide high-quality services to meet your individual needs.

Bringing Business Ideas to Life

At CanBusHack, we have become specialists at reverse engineering data and turning it into viable products for our client’s organizations. Some of the more rewarding projects we have had the honour to be involved in, started with simple ideas and grew into profitable businesses from the ground up. It brings us great joy to see our clients gain market share in their industries through our web-based solutions.

We generally follow a protocol to ensure that quality and service is always a high tier. However, at CanBusHack, we aren’t sticklers for routine and we understand that no two projects are the same. We accept and encourage adjustments to our approach and are happy to go back to the drawing board at any point in the process.

Our only concern is to deliver the data that you seek.